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Post Box Cafe serves handcrafted coffees and wholesome grain bowls. We take pride in what we do and enjoy the process far too much to rush it. Our desire is to give you a place to escape to. We invite you to come sit down and take a moment.

Need a quiet place to pen down your thoughts? Stop by. Want to write the next great novel? Then get those creative juices flowing and savour the inspiration!

At Post Box Cafe we believe in random acts of kindness. So while you enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, take a look at our selection of postcards. You could either choose to write a thoughtful note, a poem or even pay forward for someone’s coffee!

So drop by and brighten your day, or someone elses, or just drink it all in. We've bean waiting to serve you.

Discover new flavors and combinations that intoxicate you from the first sip, or bite! We serve coffees from Nangoo Coffee and grain bowls from Gouri’s Goodies.


Our coffee beans have been meticulously handpicked from carbon positive shade grown coffee estates in Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Our coffee menu is crafted by Varun Gupta of Nangoo Coffee. Varun is no stranger to caffeinated beverages as his first encounter started at age 11 with a combination of espresso, ice-cream & thums-up, something he fondly refers to as liquid gold. Like an antique collector he takes immense joy in handpicking estates and processing methods, developing a roast profile specific for each bean based on how it is being served to you.


At Gouri’s we’re staunch believers in clean, simple ingredients, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Whether it’s as a quick breakfast, a snack for your child’s lunchbox, or a small bite before your next workout,
we expect our products to make your day just a little bit easier.

From sourcing our ingredients, our processes, to our little helpers in the kitchen, we take on a very straightforward approach. We believe in conscious eating & snacking on all-natural, preservative free food. What you see is what you get. Honest! We currently craft artisanal, small batch cereal mixes, energy bars, mini bars & ladoos. Delicious!

House Rules

1. Take only one item

2. Give more than you take

3. Always be kind

Each Cafe has a Postbox placed inside so that you can share random acts of kindness anonymously.

choose a postcard and pay forward for someones coffee with a note or gift a book or just your heart out.

Should you put your hand in the postbox, You're likely to find a handwritten message from someone just like you or maybe ...if you're lucky... a coffee or a book.

Nangoo Coffee
Nangoo Coffee

Postbox Cafe
Postbox Cafe

Postbox Cafe Brewing
Postbox Cafe Brewing

Nangoo Coffee
Nangoo Coffee

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